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Five Star Restaurant Quality Control Checklist Program 816-888-3787
  • 1 After qualification, use our marketing supplies to promote your award
  • 2 Monitor, analyze and take action to improve your quality metrics
  • 3 Advance and grow your business with the power of ISO 9001
  • 4 Continue with the program through bronze, silver and gold

Bronze Award

The Shepherd of the Hills Bronze Restaurant Award goes only to pre-qualified restaurants that are ready to get started improving their quality even more.

Silver Award

The Shepherd of the Hills Silver Restaurant Award goes only to pre-qualified restaurants that have completed all the necessary tasks in the Restaurant Quality Checklist.

Gold Award

The Shepherd of the Hills Gold Restaurant Award is only presented to the top restaurants that have completed and remain active maintaining, their ISO 9001 certification.

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Who We Are

We provide online and onsite services to our customers to learn, grow, and succeed. And we do it with a smile because we have built a business we believe in as much as you believe in yours. American owned and operated, we are committed to strengthening and improving America’s small businesses.

How It Works

Implementing an effective ISO 9001 Quality Management System designed for restaurants will help you focus on the important areas of your business and improve efficiency. The management processes that are established throughout your business will provide a sound foundation, leading to increased productivity and profit.

What I Get

Our custom program is easy to get started and only takes a few minutes a month to operate. After initial qualification, we supply you with the bronze award and your step-by-step program. In some situations, silver grade can be earned immediately. After your complete the program, we introduce additional steps to progress to the next level.

Achieve Success with the Following Programs with our Easy Step by Step Process:

Our proprietary Customer Experience and Quality Program is easy to implement and has far reaching potential

Training materials you can use to help your staff and the plan to become even better

Marketing materials you can use to promote your quality and the plan to become even better

Surveying your customers can be the most valuable tool you use. What you do not know can bring down your restaurant. We have a proprietary way of getting you a score card of how you are doing.


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